Our Products

Manufacturing Unit

Our Manufacturing unit is situated in Jamshedpur. The unit is well equipped for the manufacturing of Metallurgical chemicals backed by well equipped laboratory testing facilities. The manufacturing process is fully automated and has a capacity of 7000 TPA to serve the Market.

Products List

Mould/Casting Flux

Casting Fluxes provide

  • Lubrication between the solidifying strand and mould wall.
  • Control of heat transfer between the strand and mould.
  • Thermal insulation of the liquid steel surface.
  • Prevention of re-oxidation.
  • Inclusion absorption

Nozzle Filling Compound

Laddle, Tundish

Filling Compound provides

  • Free opening of the nozzle.
  • Avoids chilling of metal in the nozzle area.

Castables & Mortar

  • Superior erosion resistance in the sidewalls & bottom impact area of the ladle.
  • Resists the penetration of the metal into the castable matrix.


Lancing Pipe

  • Removes the carbon from Molten Metal.
  • Reliable and economical means for tapping heats and other production operations.

Covering Compound

Laddle, Tundish

  • Covering Compound is used for uniform distribution on molten metal surface.
  • Good Insulation.
  • Non formation of skull in ladle.
  • No formation of bridges between wall and stopper in the tundish.

Bottom pouring compound

  • Processing of Ingot.
  • Prevents Molten steel from sticking to the surface.